The prepared rice and koji spores
spend the cold winter in Hokuriku
listening to the thunder
and waiting for the warmth of spring.
The Sake of Kaga

HARUGOKORO: Our brewery’s sake.

HARUGOKORO: Our brewery’s sake.
This is a story we have known for ages.
Born into a sake brewery handed down from one generation to the next,
our Harugokoro sake must be passed to the generations that follow.
The microorganisms that are essential for the fermentation process
must also handed down across generations of sake brewers.
Harugokoro has an exceptional flavor, and only our brewery can make it.
Sake brewing is our life.
Protecting our brewery means protecting our family, and protecting this flavor.
It’s in the DNA of our successors, and the DNA of the microorganisms.
Even when those of us alive today are gone, new Harugokoro will still be brewed.
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Brewed using time-tested methods.
We make sake like a builder who builds a house using only the finest natural woods.
This is Harugokoro.
Living in harmony with nature. One could even call it natural beauty.
Brewed through natural fermentation, suitable for a sake of gods.
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HIROHISA: Our brew master’s sake.

HIROHISA: Our brew master’s sake.
This sake is infused with our experience and our wishes as sake brewers.

Hirohisa is brewed using controlled fermentation
with specially developed techniques that show our commitment as brewers.
This commitment will be evident to all who enjoy this sake.

We devote ourselves exclusively to sake brewing
so we can communicate a feeling that resonates with others.
Our inexhaustible curiosity will keep rising.
Hirohisa will continue to evolve, and we will continue brewing it.

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Sake brewing encompasses a variety of methods
that are the product of technological advancements.
Hirohisa sake is like contemporary art that is intricate, bold, and unique.
Made with our dedication to choosing the finest yeast and ingredients.
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About the Nishide Brewery

Founded in 1913.
We have over a century of history, but we are new at selling sake.
Even looking back at our size since our founding,
we’re still the same small-scale local brewery we have always been.
The people may change, but our roots have not.
Although we are still as small as ever,
we put our heart into our sake and sell it according to our stature.
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Nishide Shuzo Toji (Master brewer) Hirohisa Nishide

He joined the Kano Shuzo brewery in Kaga City,
and trained in brewing techniques for five years
under the guidance of Naohiko Noguchi, the Noto Toji master brewer.
He then moved to Kinmon Shuzo brewery, for which his father gave him management rights,
and took on brewing that could appeal to young people,
developing a wine-style sake made using malic acid yeast.
In 2014, at the age of 32,
he acquired the management rights from the owner
and returned the brewery to its original name, Nishide Shuzo.


Our full lineup of products
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Sake Brewing at Nishide Shuzo


Sake Brewing at Nishide Shuzo
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Brewery tours/Access

24, Shimoawazumachi-Ro, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa, 923-0304, Japan TEL: +81-761-44-8188 FAX: +81-761-44-4521

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◎ Entrance fee : free ◎ Hours:9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ◎ Closed day:Thursday  ◎ Tasting is available for a small charge of 100 yen.
◎ Parking is available, but spaces are limited so please inquire.
◎ For group tours, please make reservations in advance.

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◎ Sake is sold at our store or can be shipped locally.

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